Energy Streams

Scale 20 Editors Column

Jon Phillips, [email protected],

40 questions should get 40 answers. But now, after May 28, 2019, my 40th birthday, 40 questions might receive zero answers or how about just one.

It took me 40 years to build, grow, accelerate, and make so many friends. Now, that has all changed. You might know me as the person who could handle the most number of simultaneous threads. I was the guy who could talk nonstop, speak in front of a few thousand people, throw money in a bag, fly around the world, sign some documents, and then fly right back. The avatar was called rejon and sometimes kidproto. He was the guy who overshared first. He said it all. He worked with the best. He retired a few times, restarted, and came back for more. Bring it on, they said: He attacked. He ran into the burning building to find the baby. Many of his friends followed him inside, some came out with scars and others did not make it. But he was still there.

More things have come to light…

We gave up control. We gave up access without a fee. We accepted the free water in a plastic bottle. We bought the house with mortgage, but did not own it. We took the cellphone plan for zero down. We flew around for cheap, ate the free food, drank more waters, more coffees, and ate more in more lounges. We lived a maxwaste life. We did not consider the consequences. We assumed energy is free and infinite. We gave up control.

He gave up control.

Once you realize the root of the problem is yourself, what do you do? Do you sit on the couch? Watch tv? Drink 50 beers? Avoid people? Or do you step back, as painful as it might be and figure out the problem so it is REALLY solved. Probably a fault of mine, but that is what I do when the world does not make sense.

He is in the past.

Fought hard early in 2019, came out of the crypto war with two hard fought concepts that were the solutions: zerowaste and energism. That was only part of the equation because without control, you cannot achieve zerowaste, or maximum happiness. Without control, you cannot become an energist and regulate your public and private lives to regulate energy flows.


I said before the self-unblock is the most powerful energy release, and hardest to attain. Now I go a step further, self-control is the real project of a lifetime. Can you control yourself? You talk bad about others? You so easily work on other people, but can you work on yourself? Can you look in the mirror and find that person you want to be but currently are not? Does your physical body resemble who you are? Or are you under someone else’s control? Did you even realize that you were under control? Oh wait, you gave up control without realizing it? You took the free account, created 500 email addresses, let 5000 people contact you and then you felt guilty because you could not keep up with the replies. You gave up control.

The Solution

Howard Hughes WARNING: Yes, this sounds completely crazy and so I put this out up front, taking total control over your incoming might sound tinfoil hat or you might lock yourself in your room, peeing in glass jars, looking for the one solution. Best we can do is acknowedge the fear, and keep that in check.

The solution is to convert all your incoming into one stream. Unfollow all things, turn off notifications, reduce paths of access to yourself, and control access to the stream of incoming in your normal human day.

The stream is an energy stream. If you split and divide it up, you will fragment yourself in unknown ways that will leave you broken and unable to scale.

This is easier done in the real physical world, but in the digital world it is also simple, as in, you may NOT look at your phone or devices. However, is that practical? To truly ground yourself in control, it is time to convert your incoming into one stream so you may sit back and make decisions upon what is coming your way, and stay in control.

Remember, we allow and give out control so we may take it back. Also, we might be able to control or collapse our incoming streams because we are bound by time, but remember we always have one outgoing stream!

The path of the zerowaste energist is to have one energy stream in and one energy stream out each day. We are human. We are augmenting our lives with technology, so we need to have a plan to grow, or we will die, and the things and people we care about will suffer.

One Stream in, One Stream Out. If you want to grow, then the 1 stream should result in more than one stream out. If you want to die then 1 stream in should result in less than one stream out. Simple.

Why would one need the growth stream pattern? If you have more than yourself to manage or take care of, then you need some multiplier to achieve the growth goal you need. For me that is 3 :)

Editors note: For a later date, there are deeper truths to learn here about actually existing purely to allow energy flow through oneself. Also, you might be able to completely reduce your energy in and out, and still manage to grow as time continues and you pick up energy from energy sources you tap into. This is for future exploration. Also, obviously some writings on zerowaste and energism are needed and hopefully will come as I continue to explore and write.