Questions on All Sides

Scale 19 Editors Column

Jon Phillips, [email protected],

I was Cycling up a mountain with friends on a weekend back in the Beijing days. Felt great! Then I received a text message from a someone I work with, that had some negative feedback embedded in it: Questions on All Sides. :)

We never know how our words will be perceived, especially in electronic communications. Even in person, it is extremely difficult to convey intention and is downright amazing people can communicate or feel that they are communicating at all from one to another.

Hi, this is Jon Phillips. This is a super late Scale Week 19! What was I doing? I was lining up questions on all sides that I will do my best to answer tomorrow. Why Tomorrow? Because it is my 40th birthday, a Gemini 40th Birthday.

Here are the questions that I have been receiving.

  1. I {messaged,called,texted} you. Did you get it? When will you reply?

  2. Why is Openclipart offline? When will it be back online? Who is DDoS’ing such a beloved open project?

  3. What is happening with Oui.Gallery? You did shows in St. Louis and then in Hong Kong you opened a space and did shows. What is next? How can I show with Oui.Gallery?

  4. I saw your Happy Birthday post for Bassel. When will you select another Bassel Khartabil fellow? Will you select another fellow?

  5. Are you in Hong Kong? Are you in St. Louis? Are you in X, Y or Z city?

  6. Do you work with X, Y or Z person?

  7. I am working with this person you worked with, can you fund my project.

  8. I heard you are in crypto. Which cryptocurrency should I invest in?

  9. Could you get X friend of yours to come to my event?

I rode my bike today. Cycling is my favorite most mind clearing thing to do. It has been two weeks since I have had the time, for various reasons, commitments, all created or allowed by me.

On one of my favorite rides, No one messaged me. There were no questions on any sides. All the questions are and were mine to answer, and when I want to :) I will give it a crack tomorrow and catch up with a Scale 20.