May 13, 2019

Sally Phillips

On Mothers’ Day, our wonderful son, Jon, came for a visit. He encouraged me to start writing again. So…there’s always a topic to write about, but to actually put thoughts onto the page has gotten pushed aside due to…life experiences. So…today is a growth opportunity for me to start again.

Mom is staying at a local rehab facility where for the last three weeks she is getting OT, PT and speech therapy. At 93, Mom has many stories about her life experiences — my life — Jon’s life —family life. All merged together yesterday as we sat in her room and she started sharing one of many stories. All her life she has not wasted anything. Isn’t that a recycling of the idea of “zero waste”.

Mom grew up during a time when nothing was used just once. Everything was used — reused — reused — reused until it couldn’t be used again. Clothing was made, worn, made into clothing for someone else, then cut into small squares and made into fabric squares to make a quilt. Then, the quilt would be used until it was no more. Isn’t that the original idea of “zero waste”?

I am remembering that life experiences are all good…”zero waste”…

Tenderness and tears yesterday are unlocking the writer’s block of the past.

Sally Phillips is an author writing books. She is a lifelong educator. She spent most of her career as a school teacher and principal. She is co-founder of Centerpoint Church. She is the mother of Jon Phillips and the late Charis Phillips. She is the daughter of Jean Bridges. Her husband and partner is Doug Phillips. She enjoys the outdoors, gardening and spending time with her family and friends. She lives and works in Columbia, Missouri, USA.