Chainsaw Manicure!

May 13, 2019

Doug Phillips

There is a collection of wise sayings that dates back approximately 2500 years ago called simply Proverbs. In one of these sayings there is this “Hope deferred makes the heart sick”, Proverbs 13.12. Being in the pastorate for 50 plus years and now retired has given rise to much reflection usually characterized by the question “Did I make a difference?” Actually I had a pretty good run…mostly good. If I think about it, I’m sure I could recall some “not so good” stuff. “Did I make a difference?” …probably the wrong question. How about, “Did I do what was right?”

So a couple of weeks ago I was invited to cut up some church pews. Something kind of sick about a pastor taking a chainsaw to some church pews! But I thought about some pastor friends who pastored churches that died. They loved. They cared. They worked. They visited. They sacrificed. Etc. Etc. Instead of church pews filled, the end result was church pews emptied. Did they make a difference? I don’t know…maybe. But it’s the wrong questions. Did they do what was right?

Did they do what was right? This is the right question to ask no matter what your vocation. Maybe you should buy a chainsaw and cut up something. I cut up some church pews for some kind of an “art” project…which turned out to be a “heart” project! For all of you whose hope is deferred because you’re unsure as to if you’re making a difference, ask yourself, “Am I doing what’s right?” Then go get a CHAINSAW MANICURE!

Doug Phillips is a writer. He recently retired as a Christian minister, having spent 50 years serving God and people. He is co-founder of Centerpoint Church. He is the father of Jon Phillips and the late Charis Phillips. He is the son of Betty Elam. His brother is Gary Phillips. His wife and partner is Sally Phillips. He enjoys the outdoors, model making and outdoor sports. He lives and works in Columbia, Missouri, USA.