Editors Column

Be the Unblocker.

Jon Phillips, [email protected], https://rejon.org

Simple message this week. Be the unblocker. I racked my brains out all week trying to do only 3 things. I tried my best to not complain and grind through the works. I stayed grounded and did it. It started with a recap of ONG1 and then a recap of ONG2. It continues now because my beloved Openclipart is still under DDOS attack and down.

My Openclipart work has been blocked by the need to get the message out on ONG Records, and recapping 1 and 2. Now they are unblocked, and the work may continue. Yes, I can multi-task, but that is not effective for me anymore…(Grandpa Jon here turns 40 soon).

I only have one simple message this week, the most DELAYED week of releasing a Scale Journal: The biggest unblock is the SELF-UNBLOCK. It does not matter how long it takes, get yourself unblocked today! And, watch the energy flow.