The JINTIAN TODO List Manager

An updated approach to NOT to do lists.

Jon Phillips, [email protected],

Do you have have all forms of TODO lists? Do you remember GTD? RTM? Let’s just call them NOT TO DO LISTS. Where’s there’s a list, there is a way (not to do the task). I have even written software: Work Reports, TODOs, Lists, Github tasks, Apple Reminders, GTasks, even in original Creative Commons days I sat in the office where one team invented a term, “architecture astronauts”, to describe their work. The tool was called Chandler. It was an idea by the inventor of spreadsheets, Mitch Kapo, for all forms of various syncing webcal, caldav standards.

There is not good way to attack a day other than being rested, and ATTACKING! So I will evolve my approach with Chinese speed, and call it, JINTIAN. I focus on each day with a list :) I throw my list away whenever I want, freely.

Let us celebrate throwing all lists away, and starting fresh each day with the right priorities and a remembrance, that we are human. Let’s keep the four agreements in mind as we work together. And hit the ground running each day. There is so much to do, so let us do it, JINTIAN.

NOTE: I am writing this as I beging to tackle a huge technical debt on projects, most importantly Openclipart is down! Do not let the garbage get in the way, cut thru it, take control.