Editors Column

Call for Participation

Jon Phillips, [email protected], https://rejon.org

HELLO! This week’s Scale 15 has three writings, all written by me. While that shows I have found a way to write more often, it also demonstrates I have neglected to find ways to get others on-board with writing.

So, this is a Call for Participation. If you have a writing to share, please do. Also, I ask to you dear reader, why are you not writing? Do you need energy? Have you stopped writing because you make fragmented pieces of texts on multiple phones while hopping flights (like I used to)? Is Scale not the right format for you? Is the timing not good? Or maybe you have never heard of Scale or do not see it as an opportunity to write?

Your editors are listening.

Regardless, Scale Journal continues to improve and is released weekly, even if the release date wanders a bit ;)

In this issue 一 yī, or 1, the first all brand new from scratch written issue of Scale, I released a timeline of Bassel Khartabil’s life. This is a start, but it lives here in this repository and is for others to improve or comment on. Yes, there are alternative histories to Bassel’s life, so this one serves as a written one for comment and knowledge building.

The second writing, after the death of Bassel Khartabil and launch of the fellowship in his name, I decided to move my home in the United States from the Old Bay Area, San Francisco, to Saint Louis, the frontlines of America and the center of where I grew up, born in Effingham, Illinois and incubated in Columbia, Missouri. My idea was that it is better to be close to the core of America than to be at the extremes of the coasts. AND, I am extremely happy for this decision.

As part of that consolidation, I launched, along with longtime friend Barry Threw and newer friend, Saint Louis’ own, Tyler Mathews, the Fabricatorz Foundation. One of the projects that came from the foundation is O.N.G., short for Only Next Generation. We brought DJ collective NAAFI from Mexico City last year on April 27, 2018 and paired with local talent, Eric Donte, Hayden Molinarolo and more.

This Saturday, a year later on April 27, 2019, O.N.G.2 pre-saged by a Breakerspace BS2K by the nearly overflowing Mississippi River is a digital happening. There is so much happening, that I decided to make a model for it, called the “BREAK-IN.” The writing and details about how to fund local artist’s work in a one night gallery. The specification is shared in a writing in this week’s Scale 15.

Please enjoy! Look forward to reading other peoples work in Scale 16 and forward :)

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