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Scale Week 21 七 qī

Sat Jun 8, 2019

Scale Week 21 七 qī energizes. Aaron Owens shares "Art Speak" about his work. Clement Renaud writes in French about Shenzhen for the Lyon Government. Jon Phillips jots down notes about current energist thinkings towards a more collected work. USA is the past. China is the past. We are working on the next thing, right?
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Scale Week 22 Call for Participation

There are two ways to contribute your writing and links.

1. Join Qi Hardware Chat and Use Bookmark Command

  1. Join our Telegram Channel.
  2. Post a link using the command /bookmark + url
    • If the link already exists, posting it again will upvote it.
    • See the Link Pool for the list of links.

2. Email privately your writing


Scale Week 20 六 liù

Fri May 31, 2019

Scale Week 20 六 liù answers 40 questions. Zerowaste Energist Information Management (ZEIM) is cracked in the writing, Energy Streams. Scale 20 places secret information in plane view. Can you handle the realidad?
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Scale Week 19 五 wǔ

Mon May 27, 2019

Scale Week 19 五 wǔ is tang. One word of the week & one editors column, Questions on All Sides. With the many questions coming at one of the editors, they will be addressed in Scale 20 Release. Ask your questions now, and add more to another side.
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Scale Week 18 四 sì

Wed May 15, 2019

Scale Week 18 四 sì is. 4 Original Writings. Its a family affair. Post-self-unblock, Jon takes the pass in his writing Alley-oop and uses the energy to unblock his Mom and Dad from their writing blocks. First time contributions from Sally Phillips explaining depression era zerowaste policies. Doug Phillips writes “Chainsaw Manicure!” providing some reflection and hope through describing what it is like to be a minister using a chainsaw to chop church pews, “his past.” Scale 18 connects to history and upgrades the past (check the website to see :).
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Scale Week 17 三 sān

Fri May 10, 2019

Scale Week 17 三 sān is slashing. 3 solid writings. Editor column covers the Self-Unblock. ONG Records Only Next Generation 2 (ONG2) event is recapped including the announcement of art grants. Finally, Clement Renaud lets us know the difference between Shenzhen and other cities. This is a late late late Scale. It is your time to write something for Scale :)
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Scale Week 16 二 èr

Mon Apr 29, 2019

Scale Week 16 二 èr is ART (bad joke, but is sound of èr). Clement Renaud answered the call, and shared a writing, The Writer’s Debt and subsequently made a listing of his approach to take control back in his life. Jon Phillips reminded us that ONG2 happened, 7 statements wered made from ONG Records and Fabricatorz Foundation. He also made a writing about his approach to tackling NOT TO DO LISTS, called JINTIAN. Paying Down All Forms of Debt, Scale 16. Feedback Welcome.
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Scale Week 15 一 yī

Thu Apr 25, 2019

Scale Week 15 一 yī is freed. 2nd edition, all fresh writings. The problem now, its one author! :) So to make extra juicy: The Editor’s Column by Jon Phillips is Call for Participation + Insider Gossip. Also, The Secret Origin of Bassel Khartabil: The Open Source Open Hardware Developer, a timeline of Bassel’s major contributions and how they fit into this universe is out. And, the O.N.G. BREAK-IN Model Specification is published. Scale has an ISSN, goes into the public record and is linkable on Wikipedia AND is in the Library of Congress, history seekers. Soon we will add crypto payments to the upvoting system. Feedback welcome. We keeeeep scaling up while zero-wasting down.
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Scale Week 14 零 líng

Mon Apr 15, 2019

Scale Week 14 is ZEROED. This week Scale is reset to the zero. Read inside to find out the decisions made to improve Scale and how editing of Scale Journal will be handled to keep the quality increasing. We also detail out how you may submit your writing to be published in Scale and be recorded forever in the Library of Congress and on the Internet. Scale 14 is a pivot. Feedback welcome as commits, meaning, please submit your “trusted original writing”.
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Scale Week 13 源 yuán

Sun Apr 07, 2019

Scale Week 13 is LIVE. Straight from the 源 yuán or source. Did you notice that the co-founder of Canaan, Xiangfu Liu, released the Bitcoin Miner Canaan A851 and FPGA Miner Icarus design files? We re-share. Articles on operating systems were upvoted about upgrading firmware for devices. An essay is posted by Jon Phillips about the Breakerspaces HK project by Matt Hope that re-invented the term zerowaste. The first in a potential series. The current state of Canaan, Linzhi and their pre-cursors, Qi Hardware, is shared. The final piece is a conclusion posted by “kidproto” about the virtual culture of energists vs real life energist activities. Have a great Sunday, right from the 源.
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Scale Week 12 艺

Fri Mar 29, 2019

Scale Week 12 is out! This week we continue to explore chip design and production with #progpow and #5G standard. Also global warming, #decentralized tech in Syria, Github strike in #China and a peak into the prehistory of Ethereum. Have a nice weekend and… enjoy the read!
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Scale Week 11 芯

Mon Mar 23, 2019

Scale Week 11 芯 introduces some key concepts of chip design and fabrication, audit the Solidity compiler, peaks into the roadmap of Ethereum 2.0 and discuss the concept of decentralization.
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Scale Week 10 模 mó

Mon Mar 18, 2019

Scale Week 10 first dives into how to write a Telegram bot like we have in our chat channel for adding articles to Scale. Then, we take a look at climate change, e-waste and Matt Hope’s upcoming project in Hong Kong. We also look at Trust. Download Scale 10 mó as a PDF for reading offline. Feedback Welcome!
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Scale Week 9 恭喜 gōngxǐ

Sun Mar 10, 2019

Scale Week 9 of 2019 opens with a congratulations, GONG HEI to the first show of a new art gallery, Oui.Gallery in HK doing contemporary art shows with topics ranging from global to China to HK to Shenzhen to technology. Have you heard of Scuttlebutt? We take a look at this social network of the asynchronous living. Trustware is investigated. Other articles include historical texts related to Unix philosophy and a historical precendent with Toshiba being regulated by the USA government similar to how Huawei is being handled now. Thanks for reading Scale. Feedback is welcom! Join our Telegram chat, submit your links, and upvote the best ones.
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Scale Week 8 信 xìn

Sun Mar 3, 2019

Scale Week 8 PDF is out! Like the updated site design? Did you try the experimental pool feature? You may add links now from our telegram chat! This edition is focused on studying some other systems such as Wikipedia, looking at how one could do work that people need using BOINC and GridCoin, and we take a look at Tron and EOS, both which have way faster transaction speeds than Ethereum. Feedback welcome by joining our chat: https://t.me/qihardware. Thanks for reading!
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Scale Week 7 货 huò

Tue Feb 26, 2019

Welcome to Scale Week 7. We have Human Rights and Animal Right, but should we have Computer Rights? by Clement Renaud. 1st whitepapers of Bitcoin & Ethereum, Guidelines of Wikipedia & Universe Multiverse. We are testing out a few improvements such as using our Chinese word of the week as the general theme or prompt for the issue. Also, we have a new version of our site to be tested. If interested, please join our chat: https://t.me/qihardware. Thanks for reading! Feedback Welcome.
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Scale Week 6 气 qì

Fri Feb 15, 2019

We are still improving our system and thanks for the feedback. We added the registered Scale ISSN from 2004! We added Clement Renaud’s word of the week and new contributions for the weekend and week to read. Keep the new content flowing. We have original writings and research coming as well!
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Scale Week 5

Tue Feb 13, 2019

Get it while its hot, feedback welcome! There is so much noise in the world now, we are trying something different. We are gathering the top links in hardware, software and crypto, and rating them. The top 14 of the week get into the issue. We are pushing out this issue after we worked out some kinks in our basic system, and will continue to do so on Fridays each week so you have fresh offline PDF reading for thinking. Time to Scale Up your Mind!
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  • Scale accepts original content and links to articles, research, comments on the intersection of crypto, hardware, software, and culture.
  • Scale is collected, edited and published, weekly, yes weekly.
  • Open Call for Participation, Weekly. If you think this is too fast, then it is up to you to plan ahead for when you want to submit your work and how long it takes for you to write your contribution. We continue with our weekly format.
  • Submitted writings and links are reviewed by the Editors.
  • Our goal is to complete writings and link collections on Fridays, but we are a little freeform about this right now, as we keep improving our system. Best is to join us in chat to discuss.


  • Need Table of Contents
  • Need to list contributors (can be from links page or more detailed)
  • remove scale and qi from github
  • Add up/down voting powered by ETH to rank quality of submissions (TESTING NOW)
  • Looking for sponsorship (in ETH) to underwrite a more formal journal
  • Release : Links are posted on Twitter @qihardware using a thread (1 item per tweet)
  • Need way to sort the manually entered links right now
  • can generate urls and headers on wkhtmltopdf ?
  • add scale build number (probably autotext and page numbers later)
  • add qr code to the original link for each article
  • some master page numbers to know where at in issue
  • convert scale-compile-pdf.sh to Makefile

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